Welcome!Carbonlite IT Solutions can provide you with advanced proactive IT solutions that support your Cumbrian business, without costing the earth. We can plan your IT infrastructure, repair faulty computer equipment, maintain servers, desktops and laptops to minimize downtime. We achieve this by using advance monitoring and diagnostic tools that save you time and money.

We take a pragmatic approach to reduce the environmental impact of your computer equipment. Our priority is to provide you with an effective and efficient solution. We will not be recommending  solar powered laptops in beautiful, but wet, Cumbria. We can assist with the setup, maintenance, repair and disposal of computer solutions that work for your business.

To reduce the enviromental impact of your computer equipment we follow these simple principles :-

Get the best performance from what you have, and maximise its life

Use remote monitoring and support to minimise downtime, reduce site visits and lower costs.

Dispose of faulty and obsolete equipment in an ethical and environmentally sound manner.

We look forward to speaking to you soon, call us on 07932 665987 or email admin@carbonliteit.co.uk

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