Windows Home Server (WHS) Console Will Not Connect

Thought this might help somebody out there as it caused a lot of problems for me!


Windows Home Server (WHS) fully patched and upto date with windows updates. 3 other computers on the network. All of the clients could connect to the shared folders on the WHS. BUT the WHS connector will not connect. Attempting to connect to the website of the WHS throws an error. This issue suddenly started on the client machines at the same time. Uninstalling and reinstalling the connector resulted in the connector installation failing every time.


After a lot of reading and Googling it looked like this issue was going to require a reinstall of WHS. Something I wasn’t keen on as this was a clients machine. However in ISS I noticed an error indicating an incorrect version of ASP.NET. Simply going into IIS and changing the version of ASP.NET from 1.4x to 2.x would result in a temp fix to the website, but the connector still would not work. The solution turned out to be to force the IIS to change the ASP.Net version to default to 2.0 x to do this follow the instructions below :-

Remote desktop on to the WHS

Open a command prompt

Navigate to the v2.0 framework folder (%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727) and type aspnet_regiis -i

This will force all the WHS sites to use v2.0 of ASP.Net, reboot wait 10min, and the connector should now work. If it doesn’t, reinstall the connector.

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