Project : WiFi Coverage large building with Thick Walls

Project :- Ubiquitous WiFi in an old building with thick Walls

A client approached us to see if we could help with WiFi coverage in their home.


WifiTheir home is in fact two separate buildings (A and B) under a single roof with a pair of solid exterior walls splitting it in half. Only one doorway links the two, as a result Wifi from their router only covered half their home. As they having living space in both parts of the building, this was not ideal. They had a desktop (wired only), a new laptop and a pair of mobile phones they wanted to connect throughout the building.


After surveying the house, and trying their existing router in various locations I proposed the following solution:-

  • Move the existing router to the Master BT Socket in the ground floor lounge in part A. This covered the lounge, bedroom above, and theĀ HomePlug
  • Also fit a TP Link home plug adaptor and connect this to the Router.
  • Place a second TP HomePlug adaptor in the study (also in A), and connect their desktop computer to it.
  • Place a combined TP Homeplug/Wireless Access Point (b/g/n) in the upstairs lounge in building B. This covered the lounge and the guest rooms below it.


After installation my client was able to access the internet from every room in their home, without trailing wires and other untidy equipment.

If you are struggling with WiFi coverage in a large or old building, please get in touch and see if we can help.

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