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Simple Advice for Zeus GameOver Virus, CryptoLocker / Malwear and other Virus

You may of seen reports recently in the media about a computer virus known as GameOver Zeus. Thought there are other varieties of malicious software with similar effects. Below is a short explanation of how your computer gets it, what it does and how best to protect your computer.

How do I get it?

The virus mainly spreads by people opening files attached to emails. Currently the emails usually appear to be remittance advice or invoices, the attachments appear as zip files.

bogus email

What does it do?

Once the attachment is opened, it downloads the actual virus which has two purposes :-

1)    It intercepts traffic going to banking websites, recovering passwords etc.

2)    It encrypts all the files on your computer, and network drives attached to your computer and renders them permanently unreadable. Most variants    then display a “ransom” demand

Because of 2) the virus has the potential to completely destroy all the data on your computer and any folders it is attached to, even across a network. For some variations of this Malware there is a tool to recover your files. However, most variants encrypt the files, and mean the only way to recover your data, pictures documents is to restore from a backup. You do have a back up don’t you?

How not to get it!

If there is the slightest doubt about the authenticity of an email, do not open any attachments with it. Delete the email and create a new email to the supposed sender, using an address you already have for them, to confirm the email is authentic. Do Not simply click reply.

Help! I think I might of opened a dodgy email attachment either at work or at Home.

There is a free removal tool available at :- http://www.symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2014-052915-1402-99

Download and run this as soon as possible, it takes an hour or so.

Carbonlite IT Solutions can of course help if you have become infected, or even more effectively using our combined monitoring, Anti-Virus, Back-Up and Web Protection service starting from only £6 a month helps minimise the chance of becoming infected, and provides a recovery route if you do. Get in touch to find out it more about how we can help your peace of mind.

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